Mini Lego Tin

My boys, like most young boys, love all things Lego. Last year, we had the chance to go to Legoland with our family, and they loved it. One of the things my oldest especially loved was trading Minifigures with the Legoland staff. It is one of the fun little “extras” at Legoland… bring some of your own Lego Minifigures, and swap them with staff members who have their own. Last year, we tucked our Minifigs into a mint tin, which was the perfect size. For our upcoming Legoland trip, I thought I’d make a special Mini Lego Tin.

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Mini Lego Tin

To make the mini Lego Tin, you’ll need:
Small Mints tin (like Altoids or similar)
6×10 flat lego piece (any color)
Matching paint
Air-dry clay
Hot Glue

supplies for lego tin

Glue the Lego piece to the top of the tin.

glue on lego piece

Put the air dry clay around the Lego piece to even out the area between the Lego piece and the tin.

put clay around edges

Smooth the clay out. If it starts to dry out, put a couple drops of water on your finger, and smooth over the clay.

smooth out clay

Wipe away any excess clay and allow to dry. Once dry, paint the clay and the tin to match the Lego piece.

paint sides

It may take 2-3 coats of paint. Once the paint is dry, you’re done! Enjoy your tin, perfect for trips… especially one to Legoland!

finished lego tin

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  1. Hello. I love this project. I’m searching for the Lego baseplate. Did you cut it to fit? If so, what did you use to cut it to size?
    Thank you,

    • Carolina says

      I did not cut it to size, I found one this size in my kids’ Lego box. I’m sure you could cut one. I’d use a small hand saw.

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