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Peanuts Movie Craft: Flying Ace Goggles and Scarf

The Peanuts Movie comes out in theaters today! I had a chance to take my family to see it earlier this week, and we really enjoyed it. All the classic story lines those of us who grew up reading Peanuts in the Sunday Comics expect to see. Lucy’s therapy, Charlie Brown’s sincere attempts, Kites, and of course Snoopy the Flying Ace, chasing after the Red Baron.

My Three-year-old LOVED the scenes where Snoopy, dressed as the Flying Ace, flew his doghouse as he chased down the Red Baron. So, I created a fun Peanuts Movie craft using the 3D goggles from the theater, and a few other supplies. This way, he can dress up as the Flying Ace, and chase after his own Red Baron!

Peanuts Movie - Snoopy the Flying Ace Goggles and Scarf Craft

3D Glasses (adult sized)
Flying Ace Goggle Printable (click here to download)
Double-sided Tape
Red Fleece

flying ace costume supplies

Cut out the printable. Cut the tabs on the sides. Fold in.

cut out printable

Use double-stick tape to secure the tabs to the back.

tape down flaps

Tape to the 3D glasses.

tape to glasses

Cut an 8″ piece of your red fleece.

cut 8 inches

Trim off the ends (the selvedge).

cut off end

Cut the ends into a fringe, about a finger-wide.

cut fringe

Your Peanuts Movie: Snoopy the Flying Ace costume is complete! If you would like, you can add a green beanie.

finished flying ace scarf and goggles

And go watch the Peanuts Movie – it opens in theaters today!

Scarf Turned Simple Top

I love simple sewing projects. Like this lovely, flowing top that Petro over at Creative Homemaking whipped up, using a scarf! She was able to use a lot of the existing construction of the scarf to make her top, which certainly looks like it should take more than 30 minutes to make! Check out her step-by-step over on her Creative Homemaking site.


Scarf Turned Simple Top

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15 Minute No Knit Scarf

15 Minute No Knit Scarf

I’m “yarn challenged”. I don’t knit, and I don’t crochet. So I rarely head over to the yarn aisles of the craft store. But on a recent trip, I had my mom with me. She does knit and crochet (further proof that I was a difficult child – my mom can practically crochet in her sleep, but I don’t even know how to hold a hook). My mom was looking for some yarn for a crochet project, and I was wandering along the aisle, fondling the soft yarn, the fluffy yarn, and checking out some of the new, unusual yarns.

I came across this yarn from Lion Brand Yarn. It is designed for people like me. Seriously. Awesome stuff.

pre-knit yarn I made a scarf with a single skein of this yarn, in 15 minutes. With no hooks, and no needles. The basic directions are right there on the package, I just added a little to it.

Very important: Before you start, take off any rings, bracelets, or anything that will snag. Then thread one end of the yarn, and threading it over your non-dominant hand. I’m right handed, so I threaded it over my left hand.

cover arm with yarn

Once you have it all threaded, grab the end by your elbow, and pull it to your hand so that the two ends meet, and the previously elbow-end meets with the hand end.

make ends meet

Grabbing the now doubled end, pull it off your arm, slowly, matching up the two layers to make one thicker piece.

pull over no knit scarf

That’s where the instructions on the packaging end. I went a little¬† further. I repeated the process,¬† making the scarf even thicker. This makes the scarf half as long as well, which was perfect for me.

The last little modification was with the end. After threading everything through twice, one of my ends was a little ragged.

end hanging out

I tucked the excess end up into the body of the scarf, then tied a knot in the end.

tie end in knot

And just like that, a cozy scarf for this cool weather!

easy to make no knit scarf

5 Minute Scarf

With fall weather comes fall clothes… and fall fashion! Even if you can’t afford to update your whole wardrobe this fall (and with as much as the average crafter spends on supplies, that’s probably the case – ha!), you can add touches of fresh color and style with a simple 5-minute scarf like this one. No need to know how to do something fancy – like adding a roll hem, or use a serger. Just a few quick stitches on the sewing machine, and you’ll have whipped up this fast scarf!

5 minute scarf - crafty mummy

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Knit a Scarf in 30 Minutes!

You can knit a quick scarf in 30 minutes or less using this amazingly fast method. And you don’t even need knitting needles! All you need is a couple skeins of bulky yarn and two arms!

Simply Maggie has a great video on her site that shows you exactly how you can arm knit your own chunky cowl scarf.

30 minute knitted scarf by simply maggie

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Super Simple Fleece Hat and Scarf

If you’re up at 8am EST tomorrow (yes, that is 5am for us West-Coasters), you can watch the live demo JoAnn Fabrics is doing for this cute hat and scarf. Or, you can sleep in like the rest of us and just read the online tutorial! This fleece hat is super cute, and a simple project for a beginning sewist. With some simple cutting, and one straight stitch, it is easy to make, and the ribbons provide limitless opportunities for embellishment. Follow the instructions to make a matching scarf, and you’ve got a great gift, or perfect handmade accessories just in time to go back to school!

fleece hat and scarf

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UPDATE: The video is available online! You can watch it below:


Fleece Scarf with Secret Pockets {feature}

Moms love keeping their little boys warm. Little boys love pockets – and things to hide in pockets. This scarf is perfect for Moms, and their little boys. Perfect for keeping boys warm and entertained. You could make this scarf for the little lady in your life, too. Though women are known for being able to clothe, feed, and house moderate-sized armies with the contents of a single purse, pockets come in handy for those extra “necessities”. Find out how to make your own fleece scarf with secret pockets.

Fleece Scarf with Secret Pockets - Cherished Bliss

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15 Minute Scarf {Feature}

Scarf season is here! These lovely neck warmers are quick to make, and with just a few simple supplies, you can whip up one for every outfit! They make great neighbor, teacher, or “just because” gifts as well! Learn how to make a simple fringed scarf.

15 Minute Scarf

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Animal Chocolate Holders

These adorable Animal Chocolate holders are easy to make with the free cut files I’ve shared below, and they are super versatile! Use them as gifts for a friend. As party favors. Write names on them and use them as placecards for a fun dinner party. Make lots and use them as centerpieces. Make two of each animal for a fun Noah’s Ark themed baby shower. Pick your friend’s favorite animal and fill up a tote. Use the frog as “Chocolate Frogs” for a Harry Potter themed party. I could go on and on… there are so many ways these animal chocolate holders can be used for parties, gift giving, and more!

Animal Chocolate Holders - Free Silhouette Cut Files

Butterfly Chocolate Holder Cut File

Flamingo Chocolate Holder Cut File

Frog Chocolate Holder Cut File

Horse Chocolate Holder Cut File

Kangaroo Chocolate Holder Cut File

Penguin Chocolate Holder Cut File

For each animal chocolate holder you need 12×12″ scrabook paper, a round chocolate (I used Lindt’s chocolates), and hot glue. Each Silhouette cut file has one or more of the animals on it, already sized and ready to go. Just cut, and glue together while holding your chocolate in place!

This frog is adorable – great for a princess party (anyone want to kiss the chocolate frog?), or make them with brown construction paper as “chocolate frogs” for a Harry Potter themed party!




The Flamingo Chocolate Holder is perfect for pool parties! You could make a “Palm Beach” tablescape with some astroturf and these “lawn flamingos” scattered down the center. You really can’t go wrong with a pink flamingo!

Flamingo Chocolate Holder - Free Silhouette Cut File

These butterfly chocolate holders might be my favorite! Use them as place cards for a fancy tea. You can cut them out in different colors, or cut them out from white cardstock and decorate with your favorite markers, crayons, or colored pencils.

Butterfly chocolate holder with free cut file


One side of this little penguin actually has a beak that you can fold out! He is super cute, and great for any winter-themed party. Dress him up with a scrap of felt as a scarf for some extra dimension (and cuteness!)… you can even glue on some googly eyes to make him a little more crafty!

penguin chocolate holder

This horse chocolate holder can be whatever you want – call him a “Mustang” to use him at a school function with a Mustang mascot. Use him for a cowboy themed event – or for any horse lover!

Horse Chocolate Holder

I had so much fun creating these different chocolate holders – I hope you enjoy crafting with them!



Simple Holiday Gift Box

The Holidays are coming! Someone, somewhere, has an obnoxious countdown calendar telling us how many days there are until Christmas. Or an even more annoying calendar counting down the weekends until Christmas. I prefer to shut my eyes and hum Christmas Carols… and then work on quick holiday crafts like this Simple Holiday Gift Box that make me think that no matter how few seconds I have until the clock strikes Christmas, I’ll still be able to get it all done!

All week long, my Craft Lightning co-hosts, Angie from the Country Chic Cottage, and Aunt Peaches from her fabulous self-titled site, will be sharing holiday crafts that you can make in 15 minutes or less. And, we’ve enlisted our craftiest internet friends to share their super-fast holiday craft ideas as well! Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to check out all their awesomeness.

Simple Holiday Gift Box

To make this gift box, you’ll need:
Plain gift box
Festive ribbon
Faux Pine sprigs
Faux berry sprigs
Hot Glue (I used the awesome PINE SCENTED hot glue. This is awesomesauce)

Start by cutting two lengths of ribbon.

cut ribbon to length

Remove the lid from the box. Glue the ends of the ribbon around the sides and into the inside of the box. You’ll want the ribbons off-center so that there is plenty of room for the decoration on top.

glue ribbon to lid

Be sure not to use too much glue on the inside, you still want the box to close easily.

glue to inside of lid

Pull off a couple of the berry sprigs.

pull off pieces

Wrap the pieces around the ends of the pine sprigs to make a little bundle.

secure together

Tie ribbon to the end of the bundle.

tie bow

Glue the bundle to the package, where the two ribbon ends cross.

glue to box

Your box is complete! Set it aside so that you can put in a pretty scarf for a friend, or grab something off a shelf to give as a white elephant gift at the office party. The gift inside might be garbage, but at least the box is pretty!

holiday gift box

And check out these other fun holiday gift ideas!

How fun (and easy!) is this photo ornament from Tracy at Scrappy Chick 101!?

15 minute photo ornament


Michelle from Michelle’s Party Plan-It made these cute glasses and coasters great for a party – or to make a family meal extra special! 15-minute-holiday-craft-2

Go Mad for Plaid with Jessica from Mad in Crafts’ plaid ornament. 15-Plaid-Rag-Ball-Christmas-Ornaments_thumb


This fingerprint ornament from Busy Mom’s Helper is a great way to craft a precious memory! Craft-Lightning-Main

Over at Duct Tape and Denim, Ann made these adorable photo holder blocks. JOY-Vintage-childrens-wood-block-photo-holders-tutorial-DuctTapeAndDenim.com_


Shelly from Dolen Diaries made this stamped and ruffled gift tag. These are sure to dress up any gift! sew-and-stamp-ruffle-christmas-gift-tags


And how adorable is this card from Ashley at Cute as a fox? I love this simple snowman card! Snowman-Card-Title-427x640

Be sure to come back tomorrow and all week long for more fast and fun 15-minute-or-less Holiday Craft ideas!