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Super Quick Flower Boutonniere

Super Quick Flower boutonniere

My son’s preschool graduation was yesterday. As I was in the shower getting ready to go, I thought “Oh man, I bet the other moms are going to bring flowers for after the graduation performance.”

I’m not sure how, but it seems I often miss the “mom memo” on these kinds of things. But THIS time. THIS time, I remembered – with a whole 5 minutes to spare. So I ran into my craft room to whip up a boutonniere for my son. I was sure he was going to LOVE it.


supplies I just needed a few things:
Fake flowers
Washi tape
Safety Pin





I cut off and pulled off segments of the flowers that were about the same length.

cut off pieces

Then I wrapped Washi tape around the stems, and cut off any extra bits of the stems that didn’t look pretty.

clip off extra bits

That was it! All that was left was to pin it on my son. Who was going to be THRILLED.

Um, except the other boy in the class who was graduating – his mom brought him BALLOONS.

And you can guess what my son wanted.

I’ll give you a hint. It was not flowers.

He was nice enough about the flowers, and he thanked me very politely. But, he made his feelings known.


thanks for the flowers mom

Oh well. Maybe next time I’ll get the mom memo.

If you want to check out a time when I WAS a rockstar mom, you can go see today’s post on my other blog, where I made an ever-changing maze for my son.

Craft Lightning Roundup

Craft Lightning week flew by – as it always does! If you missed any of it, I made Falling Star and Tumbling Heart Earrings, a Felt Cowboy Vest, a Fabric Flower topped Gift Box, Fabric Banners, and a Fancy Felt Clutch. Angie from the Country Chic Cottage and I did round-up posts each day sharing Craft Lightning posts from around the internet from bloggy friends of ours. You can catch the roundups for Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Four, and Day Five.

We invited all of you to join in by adding your 15 minute craft tutorials to the linky. Here are some of my favorites, but be sure to check out all the linked up crafts!

I love this sweet felt heart garland! Such a simple idea, and with the variation of colors it really pops!

Heart Felt Garland - Lovely Little Snippets

I do a lot of baking, but my bundt pan doesn’t see that much action. I love the idea of turning a bundt pan into a wreath!

Bundt Cake Wreath - Bowdabra Blog

I must have a thing for garlands lately, because I just love these birds on a wire! It is like a garland, but with a fun variety of bird shapes!

Birds on a wire - jo jo and eloise

These tassel earrings are so simple to make, lightweight, and great in any color! With graduations coming up, how fun would it be to make these for your grad in their school colors? tassel earrings - Crafts and Creations with Kathy


A giant THANK YOU to everyone who linked up, and to all the bloggers who participated in Craft Lightning this week. If you’re a fan of fast crafts, be sure to check back regularly, add me to your reader, or sign up for my weekly newsletter so that you don’t miss any 30 minute crafts!